Season 18

Gran Turismo Sport Wednesday (Qualifying 8:30pm) - FULL

GR3 Team vs Team League

Proudly supported by

Team Oliver Racing

All NEW drivers wishing to race in this series must set a time on the Nurburg Ring GP Circuit experience mode in the main menu. When you have set a time please post a screen shot of the lap times to the hosts (preferably through facebook messenger). This can be found under the 'CAMPAIGN' mode of the game.
Once all the times have been recieved we will allocate you to the appropriate class.
Qualifying will end on the 27th April 2020.

Eligible Cars

We have decided to keep the cars the same as last season due the the shortness of time in the new season starting.

Make Model Power
Ratio %
Ratio %
Weight kg
 BHP  3rd Place
Weight Ratio+5
2nd Place
Weight Ratio+6
1st Place
Weight Ratio+7
Alpha Romeo Alfa Romeo 4C 114 108 1,317 565 1,378 1,390 1,403
Audi R8 LMS Audi R8 LMS 97 108 1,323 569 1,384 1,396 1,408
Aston Martin V12 Vantage Aston Martin V12 Vantage 111 106 1,325 576 1,387 1,400 1,412
BMW M3 - New BMW M3 115 106 1,319 575 1,381 1,394 1,406
BMW M6 Walkkenshore BMW M6 Walkenshore 98 103 1,313 572 1,378 1,391 1,404
BMW Z4 - New BMW Z4 112 110 1,309 570 1,368 1,380 1,392
Chevrolet Corvette C7 Corvette C7 104 101 1,313 573 1,378 1,391 1,404
Dodge Viper - New Dodge Viper SRT 84 102 1,315 570 1,380 1,393 1,406
Ferrari 458 Italia Ferrari 458 104 107 1,300 564 1,360 1,372 1,385
Ford Mustang Ford Mustang 106 101 1,313 581 1,378 1,391 1,404
Honda NSX Honda NSX 101 101 1,313 573 1,378 1,391 1,404
Jaguer F Type Jaguar F-Type 104 105 1,312 573 1,375 1,387 1,400
Lamborghini Huracan Lambourghini Hurrican 97 108 1,328 559 1,389 1,402 1,414
Lexus RC F Lexus RC F 109 102 1,326 571 1,391 1,4041 1,417
McLaren 650s Mclaren 650s 112 106 1,314 568 1,376 1,388 1,401
Mercedes AMG GT3 Mercedes AMG 93 100 1,325 571 1,378 1,391 1,404
Mercedes SLS Mercedes SLS 101 98 1,323 575 1,390 1,404 1,417
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Mitsubushi Lancer Evo 110 101 1,302 573 1,367 1,380 1,393
Subaru WRX Subaru WRX 110 102 1,305 573 1,369 1,382 1,395
Nissan GTR Nissan GTR 107 99 1,287 580 1,352 1,365 1,378
Renault RS01 GT3 106 110 1,342 566 1,403 1,415 1,427

Please note: All drivers that competed last season must select a different car to what they drove last season.

Once you have chosen your car you must stick with it for the entire season.

Points will be allocated as shown below:

 21 points
 18 points
 15 points
 13 points
 12 points
 11 points
 10 points
 9 points
 8 points
 7 points
 6 points
 5 points
 4 points
 3 points
 2 points
 1 point

An additional 1 point will be awarderd for Pole Position, as will the fastest lap in each sprint race.
If it is an endurance race then the points awarded will be doubled.

Racing Rules

Following on from the success of last season we have decided to stick with the formula with only a few minor changes. This season we have addressed the performance of a couple of cars hopefully bringing them closer together.

Just like last season, each driver will now be responsible for applying the correct power and weight ratio settings as shown in the table below. Any driver running the wrong settings will recieve half race points for the event.

We have also increased a success ballast to the top 3 cars, which will be added for race 2.
Drivers finishing in the top 3 must change the weight of the car based on their finishing postion.
The revised weight for each car is shown in the table below.

The following rules are designed to make our leagues a clean and fair place to race. Please remember incidents will happen. Most races are mixed skill and some will have people new to sim racing that being said, Don't drive like its a public lobby, our leagues are designed for people who want to race clean.

RAGE QUITING - IMPORTANT - Once a race starts you must NOT under any circumstances choose to leave (Rage Quit).
In racing both real and virtual, crashes and accidents happen. While we understand the frustration of having your race potentially ruined on lap 1, we ask instead that you finish the lap and retire to pits until the race is over.

We are lucky to have both sponsorship and commentators for this league so when you rage quit think about all the effort that is being put in to make this league.

ANYONE that leaves a race in this maner will be spoken to by the host and given a SINGLE WARNING. Further incidents of leaving will result in a driver being EXCLUDED from the series.

QUALIFYING - If a car gets stuck in the pits or any other glitch, all drivers must exit the game when instructed and press the red x button to cancel entry. The host will restart the qualifying asap.

RACE 1 - Race 1 will be a flat out sprint race where you can chose any tyre.

RACE 2 - Race 2 along with the addition of success ballast drivers can choose any two compounds of tyre and must observe the pit stop window which is approximately quarter race distance. You may pit before to repair any damage but you must not refuel or change tyre.

PIT WINDOW - RACE 2 ONLY - We introduced a pitstop window this season which will open approximately at quarter distance. You may come in to the pits before the window opens to repair any accident damage to your car, BUT you must not change tyres or take on fuel.
Anyone ignoring this rule will receive a time penalty added to their overall race time post race.

ENDURANCE - The rules for the endurance races have been changed. The duration of the race has been reduced to 50min and ALL 3 tyre compounds must be used ONCE only. You MUST make two pit stops to use all 3 compounds of tyre. You are free to chose which combo of tyre you want to run.
(example HARDS then MEDIUMS and finish on SOFTS).
Anyone who runs two or more sets of the same compound tyre for two consecutive stints will recieve a 1 minute time penalty added to their total race time.

To clarify the PIT window is not applicable during the endurance races due to the need to run ALL three compounds. You are however allowed to pit as many times as you need to repair or refuel, but you must not replace your tyres unless you are changing strategy and moving to the next compound of tyre.

Once you have completed your final qualifying lap you must return to the pits and not stay on the track causing a yellow flag. Drivers following will not be able to complete their lap due to penalty being issued for ignoring those flags.
ANY driver who fails to return to the pit will have their time deleted and placed at the back of the grid.

SUCCESS BALLAST - The top 3 drivers will now receive a success ballast which they must add to the car for the 2nd race. Any driver failing to add the ballast will be disqualified from the result.
The winner will receive an additional 7 clicks on their weight ratio, 2nd place an additional 6 clicks on their weight ratio and 3rd place will receive an additional 5 clicks on their weight ratio.
There will be NO ballast carried in to Enduro races.

ACCIDENTAL CONTACT - If you make contact with a person and its your fault then you must slow down (not stop dead) and allow them to pass you. Other drivers don't need to stop due to the incident.
If you feel you are not to blame (i.e.. someone hits you and then hit someone else etc) then you will be permitted to race on.

RECORDING RACES - All drivers should be recording the races so that in the event of an incident occurring you can provide your point of view.
If you cannot support your point of view then the incident will be judged on what is clips are available.
Please report all racing incidents (small or big) to the host within 24hours. If nothing is received the tables will be produced and published on the Friday.
Video evidence may be asked if no eye witness account can be provided.
Host's decisions on incidents are final and please Don't discuss incidents within the news-feed.
Anyone seen doing this will be spoken to and may result in a group ban.

CAR LIVERY - You are free to design you own livery which you must stick with for the season.
All cars must display the sponsor(s) logo and appropriate PRO or PRO AM class sticker.

Team Oliver Racing | [Link1] | [Link2]
Joyce Design [Link]
xite [Link]

Class Sticker [Pro Link] | [Pro Am Link]

RADAR ON - Please ensure that you have the radar on at all times!
This will help you see what is around you and help you to avoid a collision.

FLASHING LIGHTS - This can be used in a race as a way of communicating. If you are a back marker and have the race leaders approaching, stay on the same line. The leader may flash his lights to announce they are lapping you.

If you see the leaders coming up behind you, and you can do it, put your hazard lights on so they know you have seen them and that you are slowing down to allow them to pass.

BACK MARKERS - A back marker is not expected to just drive on the grass to get out of the way!
The best thing to do is move around the back marker once it is safe. (See the section on 'Flashing Lights' above for an example scenario). If you are a back marker don't make any last minute changes to your line. Only if it is safe for you to do so just slow down and let the faster traffic past.

NO SHOWS - If you sign up to a league you MUST ATTEND ALL of the races. If for any reason you will not be able to attend a race let the host(s) know asap. You will be classified as DNR.

If you do not advise of absence then you will be classed as a no show (NS). If you accumulate 4 NS the host has the right to REMOVE YOU from that league for the remainder of the season.

Lobby Settings  Sprint
 Race 1
 Race 2
Grid Order  Fastest First  Reverse Grid  Fastest First
Category  GR3  GR3  GR3
BOP  Off  Off  Off
Tuning  No Limit  No Limit  No Limit
Counter Steering Assistance  Prohibited  Prohibited  Prohibited
Active Stability Management ASM  Prohibited  Prohibited  Prohibited
Driving Line Assistance  Prohibited  Prohibited  Prohibited
Traction Control  Prohibited  Prohibited  Prohibited
ABS  Permitted  Permitted  Permitted
Boost  Off  Off  Off
Slip Stream  Real  Real  Real
Visible Damage  On  On  On
Mechanical Damage  Heavy Must 
 Pit to Repair 
 Heavy Must 
 Pit to Repair 
 Heavy Must 
 Pit to Repair 
Tyres to use  ANY
Tyre Wear  x5  x5  x5
Maximum Tyre  Racing Soft  Racing Soft  Racing Soft
Minimum Tyre  Racing Hard  Racing Hard  Racing Hard
Initial Fuel  100 Litres  70 Litres  100 Litres
Fuel Depletion  x3  x3  x3
Grip Reduction  Real  Real  Real
Finish Delay  90 Seconds  90 Seconds  90 Seconds
Ghosting During Race  None  None  None
Short Cut Penalty  Weak  Weak  Weak
Correct Vehicle Course after wall collision  Off  Off  Off
Replace Car when they leave the track  Off  Off  Off
Flag Rules  On  On  On
Ghosted Lapped Cars  Off  Off  Off

Racing Gallery

Review some of the action from the season so far


Live Streams

Both lobbies will be live streamed on Youtube.

PRO Race on Darksmoka channel

PRO AM Race on Adey_Gee channel

Make sure you check us out and subscribe so you don't miss a race.


Round 10 - 14th October 2020
Location: Autodrome Lago Maggiore - GP
Length - 3.61 miles
Race type - Sprints
Race 1 Length - 10 Laps at 11:30 Fine Weather
Race 2 Length - 16 Laps at 21:00 Sunny Weather
Pit Window Open after lap 4

Round 9 - 7st October 2020
Location: Brands Hatch GP
Length - 2.45 miles
Race type - Endurance
50 minutes Race at 21:00 Sunny Weather
Pit Window Does Not Apply

Round 8 - 30th September 2020
Location: Alsace Village
Length - 3.37 miles
Race type - Sprints
Race 1 Length - 11 Laps at 17:15 Fine Weather
Race 2 Length - 17 Laps at 21:00 Sunny Weather
Pit Window Open after lap 7

Round 7 - 23rd September 2020
Location: Suzuka Circuit
Length - 3.61 miles
Race type - Endurance
Race Length 50 minutes at 05:00 Sunny Weather
Pit Window Does Not Apply

Round 6 - 16th September 2020
Location: Dragon Trail Gardens
Length - 2.70 miles
Race type - Sprints
Race 1 Length - 14 Laps at 13:00 Cloudy Weather
Race 2 Length - 22 Laps at 18:30 Fine Weather
Pit Window Open after lap 5

Half Season Break 9th September 2020

Round 5 - 2nd September 2020
Location: Fuji International Speedway
Length - 2.84 miles
Race type - Endurance
Race Length - 50 minutes at 17:15 Fine Weather
Pit Window Open after lap 5

Round 4 - 26th August 2020
Location: Tokyo East Outer Loop
Length - 4.54 miles
Race type - Sprints
Race 1 Length - 9 Laps at 18:00 Heavy Rain
Race 2 Length - 13 Laps at 06:50 Light Rain
Pit Window Open after lap 4

Round 3 - 19th August 2020
Location: Nurburg GP
Length - 3.20 miles
Race type - Endurance
Race Length - 50 min at 17:15 Fine Weather
Pit Window Does Not Apply

Round 2 - 12th August 2020
Location: Sardegna Road Track A II
Length - 3.18 miles
Race type - Sprints
Race 1 Length - 12 Laps at 13:00 Fine Weather
Race 2 Length - 18 Laps at 19:20 Sunny Weather
Pit Window Open after lap 7

Round 1 - 5th August 2020
Location: Circuit de Sainte-Croix A
Length - 5.89 miles
Race type - Endurance
Race Length - 50 minutes at 13:20 Sunny Weather
Pit Window Does Not Apply

Pro Driver Line Ups
Confirmed 27th July 2020

01. Neville Cluley - Pottermcpot79 (Host)

02. Darren Freeman - TNR_FILO

03. Bob Bristow - MRC_Bobby

04. Jordan Hogan - theburntfry699

05. Tony Hill - MRC_Dan_Gleeball

06. Scott Barlow - DIABLO66681

07. Paul Verity - PAV46

08. Janis Burkardt - NGR_JANBU

09. Fred Burkardt - Purzel288

10. Jay Moore - Stuurwiel-Racing

11. Darren Davidson - MRC_Buddie

12. Evan Mchugh - SurferEV

13. Nikoadonas - psn tbc

14. Christian Romano - Cromedix

15. George Marge - G_Marge21

Pro AM Driver Line Ups
Confirmed 27th July 2020

01. Chris Cutler - NGR_CUTLER (H)

02. Shaun Sayers - Shaunf184

03. Karl Sykes - NGR_BIGSY

04. Armin Tangelder - NGR_Armin

05. Paul Buck - luckybucky1980

06. Mark Parker - tinnytortoise9

07. Damo Ashley - D4M14N666

08. Allan Levin - GUMSE1977

09. Liam Clarke - Glock17FTMracing

10. John Ramirez - JohnRaz_

11. Storm Tangelder - NGR_Neutronstorm

12. Phil Gardener - PhilG1779

13. Mark Miller - markmiller1144

14. Rob Hogan;- NGR_Madmarshall

15. Peter Harris - Pedjonski