Gran Turismo Sport Monday (Qualifying 8:30pm)

Chewitt Mini Cooper Cup

Now in its 6th season the Mini's have provided us with some great wheel to wheel racing. This season we are continuing the option of tuning in the series. PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot tune your car or you need help with the settings please let the host know and we can help. To ensure that all cars are equal, we have therefore decided to run with BOP turned off and provided you with the specifications for each class to run (shown below). Each driver will now be responsible for applying the correct power and weight ratio settings as shown in the table below. These will be checked before each race to make sure everyone is running the same. Qualifying for this league will be done by time trial using the Mini. Full details of dates and times for time trials will be published soon...

Cars Specifications:

 Make   Model   Power 
 Ratio % 
 Ratio % 
 Weight kg 
 BHP   3rd Place Sucess
 2nd Place Sucess
 1st Place Sucess
Mini Cooper 05 Mini Cooper S '05 Pro Spec 132 89 1,050 220 1,085 1,097 1,109

Chewitt Mini Cooper Racing Rules

The following rules are designed to make our leagues a clean and fair place to race. Please remember incidents will happen. Most races are mixed skill and some will have people new to sim racing that being said, Don't drive like its a public lobby, our leagues are designed for people who want to race clean.

This season we have introduced success ballast to the top 3 drivers. This weight must be added to the car as shown in the table below. The success ballast is carried over to the next race so from race 2 until the end of season there will always be 3 cars running extra weight. This should allow more drivers chance of getting a podium finish and make for a tighter championship.

Points will be allocated as shown below:

 21 points
 18 points
 15 points
 13 points
 12 points
 11 points
 10 points
 9 points
 8 points
 7 points
 6 points
 5 points
 4 points
 3 points
 2 points
 1 point

An additional 1 point will be awarderd for Pole Position, as will the fastest lap in each sprint race.
If it is an endurance race then the points awarded will be doubled.

QUALIFYING - If a car gets stuck in the pits or any other glitch, all drivers must exit the game when instructed and press the red x button to cancel entry. The host will restart the qualifying asap.

Once you have completed your final qualifying lap you must return to the pits and not stay on the track causing a yellow flag.
Drivers following will not be able to complete their lap due to penalty being issued for ignoring those flags.
ANY driver who fails to return to the pit will have thier time deleted and placed at the back of the grid.

ACCIDENTAL CONTACT - If you make contact with a person and its your fault then you must slow down (not stop dead) and allow them to pass you. Other drivers don't need to stop due to the incident.
If you feel you are not to blame (ie. someone hits you and then hit someone else etc) then you will be permitted to race on.

RECORDING RACES - All races should be recorded so that in the event of an incident occuring you can provide your point of view. Please report all racing incidents (small or big) to the host asap.
Video evidence may be asked if no eye witness account can be provided.
Host's decisions on incidents are final and please Don't discuss incidents within the news-feed.
Anyone seen doing this will be spoken to and may result in a group ban.

RAGE QUITING - Once a race starts you must NOT choose to leave (Rage Quit).
Instead you should finish the lap and retire to pits until the race is over.

Anyone that leaves a race in this maner will be spoken to by the host and given a warning. Further incidents of leaving may result in a ban from the series.

CAR LIVERY - Liveries will be allocate to each driver racing in the series.

RADAR ON - Please ensure that you have the radar on at all times!
This will help you see what is around you and help you to avoid a collision.

FLASHING LIGHTS - This can be used in a race as a way of communicating. If you are a back marker and have the race leaders approaching, stay on the same line. The leader may flash his lights to announce they are lapping you.

If you see the leaders coming up behind you, and you can do it, put your hazard lights on so they know you have seen them and that you are slowing down to allow them to pass.

BACK MARKERS - A back marker is not expected to just drive on the grass to get out of the way!
The best thing to do is move around the back marker once it is safe. (See the section on 'Flashing Lights' above for an example scenario). If you are a back marker don't make any last minute changes to your line. Only if it is safe for you to do so just slow down and let the faster traffic past.

NO SHOWS - If you sign up to a league you must attend the races. If for any reason you will not be able to attend a race let the host(s) know asap. If you do not advise of absence then you will be classed as a no show. The host has the right to remove you from that league for the remainder of the season.

Lobby Settings  25min Race 1  25min Race 2  Endurance
Qualifying Length  15 min    
Grid Order  Fastest First  Reverse Grid  Fastest First
Catagory  Mini Cooper'05  Mini Cooper'05  Mini Cooper'05
Livery  Assigned
 to driver
 to driver
 to driver
BOP  Off  Off  Off
Tuning  Optional  Optional  Optional
Brake Horse Power [bhp]   220   220   220
Weight  1,050 kg  1,050 kg  1,050 kg
Counter Steering Assistance  Prohibited  Prohibited  Prohibited
Active Stability Management ASM  Prohibited  Prohibited  Prohibited
Driving Line Assistance  Prohibited  Prohibited  Prohibited
Traction Control  Permitted  Permitted  Permitted
ABS  Permitted  Permitted  Permitted
Boost  Off  Off  Off
Slip Stream  Real  Real  Real
Visible Damage  On  On  On
Mechanical Damage  Light  Light  Light
Maximum Tyre  Racing
Minimum Tyre  Racing
Tyre Wear  x10  x10  x10
Initial Fuel  100 Litres  60 Litres  60 Litres
Fuel Depletion  x8  x8  x8
Grip Reduction  Real  Real  Real
Finish Delay  30 Seconds  30 Seconds  90 Seconds
Short Cut Penalty  Weak  Weak  Weak
Correct Vehicle Course after wall collision  Off  Off  
Replace Car when they leave the track    Off  Off
Flag Rules  On  On  On
Ghosted Lapped Cars  Off  Off  Off
Ghosting During Race  None  None  None

Live Streams

Both lobbies will be live streamed on Youtube.

PRO Race will be covered on Darksmoka channel
PRO AM Race will be covered on Hunty the punty channel.

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Round 10 - 12th October 2020
Location: Goodwood
Length - 2.37 miles
Race type - Sprint
Endurance Length - 50 min at 13:15 Fine Weather

Round 09 - 5th October 2020
Location: Willow Springs International Raceway: Streets of Willow Springs
Length - 2.68 miles
Race type - Sprint
Race 1 Length - 25 min at 10:00 Cloudy
Race 2 Length - 25 min at 21:00 Sunny Weather

Round 08 - 28th September 2020
Location: Brands Hatch GP
Length - 2.45 miles
Race type - Sprint
Race 1 Length - 25 min at 11:30 Fine Weather
Race 2 Length - 25 min at 21:00 Sunny Weather

Round 07 - 21st September 2020
Location: Kyoto Miyabi
Length - 1.21 miles
Race type - Sprint
Race 1 Length - 15 min at 11:30 Fine Weather
Race 2 Length - 30 min at 17:30 Fine Weather

Round 06 - 14th September 2020
Location: Tokyo Expressway - Central Inner Loop
Length - 2.72 miles
Race type - Sprint
Race 1 Length - 25 min at 12:00 Fine Weather
Race 2 Length - 25 min at 18:00 Sunny Weather

Half Season Break 7st September 2020

Round 05 - 31th August 2020
Location: Autopolis International Race Course Short
Length - 1.88 miles
Race type - Sprint
Race 1 Length - 25 min at 12:00 Fine Weather
Race 2 Length - 25 min at 19:00 Sunny Weather

Round 04 - 24th August 2020
Location: Sardegna Road Track C
Length - 1.65 miles
Race type - Sprint
Race 1 Length - 25 min at 12:00 Cloudy Weather
Race 2 Length - 25 min at 19:20 Sunny Weather

Round 03 - 17th August 2020
Location: Autodrome Lago Maggiore West
Length - 2.59 miles
Race type - Sprint
Race 1 Length - 25 min at 11:30 Fine Weather
Race 2 Length - 25 min at 21:00 Sunny Weather

Round 02 - 10th August 2020
Location: Suzuka East
Length - 1.39 miles
Race type - Sprint
Race 1 Length - 25 min at 14:30 Fine Weather
Race 2 Length - 25 min at 18:45 Sunny Weather

Round 01 - 3rd August 2020
Location: Dragon Trail Gardens
Length - 2.70 miles
Race type - Sprint
Race 1 Length - 25 min at 13:00 Cloudy Weather
Race 2 Length - 25 min at 18:30 Fine Weather

Pro Driver Line Up

01. Chris Cutler | NGR_CUTLER

02. Neville Cluley | Pottermcpot79

03. Karl Sykes | NGR_BIGSY

04. Paul Verity | PAV46

05. Jordan Hogan | theburntfry699

06. Neil Furber | Thunderrat7

07. Mark Wright | BOOMYLA_74

08. Oli O'Neil | olioneill

09. Louie Capozzoli | Karterboy99

10. Wais Kuba | W415IS77

11. Luke Doherty | lukedohertywales

12. San Butcher-Lord | DanKBL

13. Zac Blackwell | Blackwell

14. Peter Harris | Pedjonski

15. Rob Scott | R08SC0TT_12

Pro AM Driver Line Up

01. Andrew McCune | Boonzibob

02. Graham Reeds | graham_reeds

03. James Larkin  | fooljiller1978

04. Braden Gookey | quinn-b2505

05. David hitehouse | PSN - tbc

06. Dean Cornish | PSN - tbc

07. Paul Tyler | PSN - tbc

08. Suz Archibald | PSN - tbc

09. Mark Parker | PSN - tbc

10. Vacant Driver Seat | PSN - tbc

11. Vacant Driver Seat | PSN - tbc

12. Vacant Driver Seat | PSN - tbc

13. Vacant Driver Seat | PSN - tbc

14. Vacant Driver Seat | PSN - tbc

15. Vacant Driver Seat | PSN - tbc